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Barnyard 1st Birthday Party Ideas in India

A barnyard birthday is sure to be a fun bash everyone will cheer for! There are many great choices and ideas when it comes to hosting a barnyard birthday party for your little one's milestone birthday. Whether your little one loves spotted cows, crowing roosters, or oinking piggies, there is no end of fun to be had on the farm.

Planning the Party
  • What better place to host a farm birthday party than at an actual farm? Local farms often offer picnic tables and space for families to host birthday parties and other events. Do a search for local farms that offer hayrides and pumpkin picking in the fall, they typically will also offer summertime and other seasonal event space.
  • A zoo or petting zoo is another great choice for hosting a barnyard birthday party. Group rates and going in the morning can help you to save money and avoid the crowds.
  • Having a petting zoo come to your home is another great choice for a barnyard birthday, but remember to ask about any animal allergies that your invited party guests might have.
  • Blue denim overalls are a fun idea for all of the little farmhands to wear to the party.
  • Be sure to start planning your party at least 6 weeks in advance, particularly if you are considering hosting the party at another location other than your home. Event locations can fill up fast so it is important to have enough time to ensure you get your spot reserved.
  • Planning with at least 6 weeks before the party date will also ensure that everyone has time to make travel arrangements and mark the date on their calendars.
Party Invitations
  • If you are looking for pre packaged party invitations in India our selection of party invitations and thank-you cards can save you a lot of time when planning the party. Remember to give invited guests at least two ways of RSVP'ing so that you can be assured of timely responses from guests.
  • Cardstock and die-cuts in the shapes of farm animals will provide you with endless farm party ideas for the invitations. Start with white cardstock and black felt. Cut out shapes with the black felt, in random shapes to represent the spots on a cow. Glue them to the cardstock and place the party details on the back of the card.
  • A red barn is another great invitation choice, with die-cut animals under a glued down barn door flap on the card.
  • Use barn-themed words and poems on the invitations, including "Join us for the birthday barnyard bash!" "We're all horsin' around on the farm, won't you join us?" and "Old McDonald had a farm! Join us on the farm to celebrate Jessie's birthday!"
  • Hand-delivering invitations offers a nice personal touch, and also gives you the opportunity to attach a little treat or stuffed animal to the invitation. A plush cow or pig or sheep is a good choice, but cookies and rice crispy treats tend to go over well with little ones who have a sweet tooth!
Party Games
  • Offer age-appropriate barnyard themed toys for the kids to play with. Stuffed mooing cows or oinking piglets are a good choice, as are barnyard-themed board books.
  • Create cowbell necklaces with the older kids. Mini bells and large beads can be purchased at any crafting store. With a bit of twine, each kid can easily create their own little jingling necklace.
  • Create a petting zoo using plush barnyard animals in a little playpen. It'll be a lot of fun for all of the kids, and be a lot safer than letting one year olds play in a pen with sheep and chickens.
  • Fill a red wagon with a pillow and a bit of hay. This will provide the perfect setting for a farm hayride for the little party guests.
  • Using your cookie cutters, create barnyard themed sugar cookies and set them out for the kids to decorate to their hearts content. Frosting, sprinkles, and other fondant toppings will let them decorate their cow, pony, and piglet cookies the way they want them.
  • Duck, duck, goose is a farm-themed favorite for the old kids to enjoy playing or pinata filled with goodies is always a hit with the kids, so hang a them pinata.
  • A selection of barnyard movies or TV shows can entertain he little ones if going outdoors is not an option due to weather.
  • Playing with bubble wands will delight the little kids.
Party Decorations
  • If you are hosting the barnyard birthday party on an actual farm then you will have plenty of natural surroundings to pose as décor, but if you will be in another location then a few hay bales and a scarecrow made from an old flannel shirt and a pair of jeans is a fun addition to your front yard to alert people of the party zone.
  • Wrap brown twine around poles or the trees in your yard to work as farm fencing. You can create little corrals for stuffed horses and cows.
  • Old shipping boxes can be cut up to look like wagon wheels, and then painted black or brown. Attach them to larger old boxes that you've painted red, to look like a cute farm wagon.
  • Use more cardboard to make rustic signs that can be placed around the party, with things on them like "Pig Pen", "Welcome To Our Farm", and "No horsin' around, partner!"
  • A birthday banner and streamers can decorate doorways and the front door to your house, along with a selection of farm-colored balloons. Reds, blacks, browns, green, yellow latex balloons and not to miss First Birthday balloons are a good mix to pair with farm themed birthday Mylar balloons.
  • Cover party tables with checkered tablecloths, or with one of ours from our selection of farm party supplies. Coordinate the tablecloths with our barnyard birthday cups, paper plates, napkins and other barnyard birthday goodies.
  • Fill a plastic kiddy pool with yellow rubber ducks. Party guests can then take home a few of the ducks as their return gifts.
Return Gifts
  • Our collection of return gifts in India include fun treats for all ages, including barnyard animals and cute water pistols, plastic spin tops, bounce balls for your little cowboys and girls.
  • Fill the gift bags with animal crackers and other animal-themed cookies for a sweet treat.
  • Farm and other animal stickers, along with temporary tattoos and farm animal masks are also a lot of fun.
  • Coloring books, non-toxic crayons, and stamps offer creative entertainment.
  • Rubber ducks of all sizes, along with other rubber farm animal bath toys are great barnyard birthday favors for little ones under the age of two.
  • Toy tractors and trucks will make the boys happy.
  • Bubbles and a plush cow will bring barnyard cheer to the girls.
Party Food

Cover the party table with mismatched teacups, a chandelier, oversized teacups, and even some mini teacups, like those you'd find in a tea set for dolls.

  • Cupcakes and cake pops decorated like barnyard pals offer a fun choice for the little ones to enjoy. Make sure there is plenty of each kind so that every party guest gets their favorite animal.
  • A large sheet cake or a cake shaped like a big red barn is a fun choice. Use farm themed birthday cake toppers to add the whimsical touch that you're looking for.
  • Brownies with gummy worms, perhaps topped with yellow chicks is a fun farm-themed treat.
  • A good fit for a barnyard birthday is to have a BBQ, including drumsticks, wings, burgers, and potato salad.
  • Pigs in blankets are a favorite for kids of all ages. Simply slice hot dogs and roll them up in puff pastry with a strip of cheddar. Bake until golden brown and serve.
  • Using cookie shape cutters, you can make sandwiches, cookies that are shaped as barnyard animals, including cows, horses, sheep, and chicks.
  • A fruit and vegetable tray with a little sign that says "Old McDonald's Veggie Patch" is a good way to encourage everyone to eat their veggies.