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Baby Shower Party Ideas in India

Are you planning to host a surprise baby shower for the mother to be? We have amazing baby shower ideas and supplies in India to help you plan the perfect shower party to celebrate the arrival of the little angel in your life. This narrowed down selection of the best baby shower ideas will ensure that this upcoming party is one -of -a- kind.

Planning the Party
    • A surprise baby shower party is always a lot more fun, so get the expecting mother's family, friends, partner, and coworkers in on the surprise.
    • Plan to host the party at the home of the mother to be so that she won't have to worry about hauling her gifts home.
    • Have the mother of the expecting lady whisk her away for a pedicure or manicure while everyone else sets up the party location. This way she will walk into a decorated home and be totally surprised!
    • Finalize the theme if you are thinking of hosting a themed baby shower and order your baby shower supplies atleat a week in advance.
    • Ensure that the party is planned for a day where the most number of people can attend. Saturdays tend to be the best time for a baby shower party, but Sunday afternoons can also be a good choice.
    • Encourage your pregnant friend or family member to complete her baby registry so that guests won't be scrambling for baby shower gift ideas. The registry information should be included on the invitations.
Party Invitations
  • If the party is to be a huge surprise then you may want to stick to email and phone call planning alone to avoid the risk that the mom to be gets her hand on the paper invitations. Prepackaged invitations and thank-you cards can be a great choice if the party is not much of a secret.
  • Get some cardstock and cut out the shape of a baby pram, rattle or the simplest one Diaper. Decorate with glue, ribbons, buttons, and other decorative and creative touches. A little diaper is the ideal invitation. Decorate with colorful safety pins, paper pins and glitter pens.
  • Green cardstock cut out in the shape of a peapod is a great idea, along with the wording "Join us to celebrate the little pea in the pod!" Two peas can be used if twins are expected.
  • If the gender of the baby is already known then stick to either pink or blue themes for the invitations. If the gender is to remain a secret then a teddy bear or rubber duck theme is a great gender-neutral choice.
Party Games
  • Some baby shower ideas for games include guessing how many inches the baby belly is, along with guessing what names the parents may have already picked out for their little arrival.
  • Source pictures from the internet of celebrity baby pictures and have guests try to match up the baby pictures with the adult pictures. This can also be a lot of fun to play with pictures of the guests and the parents to be.
  • Get several jars of baby food and a few small spoons. Remove the labels from the jars and have guests try to guess what the contents of each jar could be. Try to avoid the meat and vegetable blends because it can sometimes be too overwhelming with that many flavor blends.
  • A baby doll and a diaper, along with a timer and a blindfold are the key tools for a baby shower party that tie everyone to see how long it takes them to change a diaper in the dark! This can be a lot of fun for the men attending the party to try.
  • Some other fun baby shower party games ideas is to have each woman at the party jot down as many baby-related items as she can think of within 3 or 5 minutes. The woman with the most number of items wins a prize! The woman who lists all of the top 10 items that are most often found in a nursery or in a diaper bag win an extra prize!
  • Fill a jar with safety pins and pass it around to the guests. Have everyone place a guess as to how many pins are filling up the jar.
  • Guess the baby item is one of the best baby shower ideas for a game. Blindfold the mom to be and have her guess which each item is that she is handed. It can get pretty funny when strangely shaped bottles or toys are thrown into the mix.
  • Get some fabric pens and solid white onesies. Have each guest create a delightfully unique onesie as a gift for the baby, perhaps including a sweet message and sentiment to the little one.
  • Another fun game can be spin the baby bottle, make a board and write down many messages such as say the ABC backwards, sing a lullaby, and other fun things to do. Everybody playing will have gala time spinning the baby bottle and doing the sweet dares.
Return Gifts
  • Chocolates and other cute candy treats are a sweet choice for baby shower return gifts.
  • Scented votive or tea light candles particularly in a soft powdery scent makes a delightful return gift.
  • Mini bottles of bubble bath, hand lotions, bath oils will help guests rejuvente after the party.
  • Guest towels & kitchen towels alnog with other kitchen goodies is also a great way to show appreciation to the guests.
  • If you are looking for cute & inexpensive baby shower return gifts browse our collection.
Party Food
  • Cupcakes and cake pops are a better idea than one large cake, because they can help to save on cleanup after the party. However, if you are looking for a nice large cake then you can have one designed in the shape of a rubber duck, a safety pin, a pea pod, or another shape that fits in nicely with the theme of the party.
  • Some baby shower party decorations make perfect cake toppers, like mini pacifiers and mini baby bottles. Decorate a sheet cake or the cupcakes with a fun selection of cake toppers.
  • Offer some nice healthy choices for food, especially if the expectant mother has been craving something in particular. Freshly sliced fruit and vegetable trays, along with a selection of dips are a few baby shower ideas for food.
  • Carve out a watermelon in the shape of a baby carriage or a baby. Decorate with berries, grapes, and balls of melon, along with a pacifier.
  • Cookies cut out in the shape of a baby onesie, pacifier, stroller, baby bib and baby bottle etc. You can decorate it with the initials of the baby – which is also a fun way for everyone to guess what the selected name for the new bundle of joy is to be.
  • A tray of deli meat, cheeses, lettuces, and pita breads can provide the ingredients for quick wraps that guests can assemble themselves.
Party Decorations
  • Pink or blue should be the color choice if you know what the baby's gender is. Yellows, greens, and soft pastels can be great gender-neutral colors to go with otherwise.
  • If you are looking for beautiful baby shower supplies in India, check our selection of baby shower decorations that will provide you with streamers, banners, balloons and other decorating essentials. Make the party locale as festive as possible with a good mixture of these decorating items.
  • Set up the gifts table and the food tables with tablecloths that coordinate with the other colors of the party theme. Be sure to match them to the paper plates, napkins, and cups that will be used for the party.
  • A baby diaper cake is a fun centerpiece for the table. With rolled up diapers, baby towels, and a few other essentials, you can create a centerpiece that is simple yet adorable.
  • With a few pieces of floral wire and a selection of baby socks, you can create adorable baby sock flowers. Arrange them in baby bottles and set them around the party venue.
  • Building blocks, bibs, and rubber ducks are all fun baby shower accessories to scatter around the party spot in order to create a sweet shower vibe.