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Army Birthday Party Ideas in India

With some great army party ideas, you can throw your little solider a party that will have everyone marching forward towards a fun-filled party. We have numerous Army birthday party ideas that offer many choices, giving you a fair amount of flexibility when planning the party.

Planning the Party
  • An open space is a must-have for an army birthday party, so consider hosting the party at an area park or the lake. Your local recreation and YMCA centers will also offer plenty of space and even a few boot camp activities for your little soldiers.
  • If a friend or family member is in the army then ask them to come to the party, in uniform, to answer questions and tell the kids what it is like being in the army. They could put the kids through some basic training exercises and generally keep it light and fun for all.
  • Send the invitations out for the party at least six to eight weeks in advance, so that you can ensure you have plenty of time to order your army party supplies, and also your invited guests can make arrangements to attend.
  • Encourage guests to attend the party dressed in military camouflage for a bit of extra fun.
Party Invitations
  • If you are looking for army birthday invitations in India, explore our collection of Army or Camo birthday party supplies that includes package invitations that can save you lots of time in planning the party. Simply fill out your party details and pop the invitations into the mail.
  • A few army-themed slogans can be a fun touch to the invitations. "Join us and become one of the few and the proud!" or "Uncle Sam wants YOU to come to Henry's birthday party!"
  • Create a recruiting notice, with the words similar to "You have been recruited to Henry's boot camp! Wear your best camo gear and be prepared!" A plastic army pan attached to the invitation will add a fun twist.
  • Scrap booking paper with camouflage on it is a great background for your invitations. When combined with the American flag, you'll have the perfect combo for a patriotic invitation.
  • Cut out construction paper in the shape of an army boot and embellish it with a black shoelace that has some dog tags attached. They can be bought from any craft supply store.
Party Games
  • Add a military twist to Simon Says with a rousing game of Drill Sergeant Says! The drill sergeant, or parent in charge, can dress up in their best army attire, complete with camo gear and sunglasses!
  • Using backpacks and a selection of army gear that include canteens, compasses, rope, and binoculars, play a game of pack-up relay! In this game, the teams line up with their backpack and run to where piles of the supplies are piled up, taking turns to put an item in their pack. Continue until one of the team finishes loading up their pack of supplies.
  • Fun army party ideas for a treasure hunt include hiding several bags of plastic army men around the house and your property, telling the kids that several of their fellow soldiers are missing in action. We all know that the army doesn't leave anyone behind! Give prizes to the kids who bring back the most number of army men!
  • Fill up balloons with water and place them around the yard. Blindfold the soldiers and have them walk across the minefield, without breaking any balloons and causing an explosion. Water balloons can also be used as grenades. Give the kids cardboard forts to hide behind as they lob balloons at their opposing teams.
  • Create a fun obstacle course for the lil soldiers to give them feel and excitement of military training.
Return Gifts
  • Naturally, a selection of plastic army men and tanks will be the perfect return gift for the little soldiers to take home with them.
  • Another great choice for an army birthday party is some Camo face paint, along with a camouflage bandana, blowouts, party masks, military figurines, fill them in a Camo theme bag.
  • Army stickers, coloring books, and non-toxic crayons and paints will inspire creativity in younger guests.
  • Camouflage backpacks, along with visors, are great choices and can be found online or from budget stores.
Party Food
  • Some army party ideas for food could include simple mess hall offerings like pizza, soda, mac and cheese, hot dogs, and chips along with a selection of dips.
  • To keep the vibe going on authentic army party themes, you could pay a visit to your local Army Surplus store to buy some military MREs. These "Meals Ready to Eat" are not always the tastiest by adult taste bud standards, but the kids are sure to get a thrill by eating them.
  • Swamp punch is a great choice to let the kids feel like they are roughing it! Simply add some green food coloring to lemonade or punch. You could even add a few raisins to ice cubes to look like bugs in the swamp punch.
  • No army birthday party is complete with a cake that fits in perfectly with army party themes. Some of these cakes could include a sheet cake or camouflage cake decorated with army men or a cake in the shape of a tank or army boot.
  • Be sure to offer a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with orange juice and plenty of water to keep your soldiers hydrated and nourished!
Party Decorations
  • Contact your local Army recruiting office – many are more than happy to lend out gear that they have in office, including life-size cutouts of army men, sleeping bags, and camo netting.
  • Use camo Mylar and latex balloons to mark the party spot by tying them to the mailbox, a shrub, or a light post.
  • Fun Army birthday party ideas include creating signs that read Mess Hall & activity area to post on the kitchen doors & lawn.
  • Your local Army Surplus store can be a great source for decoration for the party, including canteens, jackets, dog tags, and so much more.
  • Hang green and brown streamers from doorways to create a jungle effect. Decorate the party space with army themed posters, including posters with Uncle Sam and the USA flag on them
  • Decorate the party tables with army party decorations that include camo tablecloths, cups, paper plates, and other army party supplies. Green army men will make a great centerpiece for all of the tables, and will also make great return gifts for the kids to take home.