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Alice in wonderland Birthday Party Ideas in India

Chase the white rabbit down the hole and host your very own tea party with the Mad Hatter and all of your friends! An Alice in Wonderland birthday party is sure to be a lot of fun for all involved, especially if you host it as a costume party! Here is some amazing Alice in wonderland birthday party ideas to make your party one-of-a kind.

Planning the Party
  • Start planning the party with enough time before the party date so that you have ample time to get everything ordered and reserved. Be sure to also get your Alice in Wonderland birthday party supplies with plenty of time to spare.
  • Get the soundtracks from Alice in Wonderland movies, to play at the party.
  • A tea party is just one of many great Alice in Wonderland party ideas, but the movies and stories do offer other inspirational ideas. Select a favorite scene from the movies and plan a party inspired by it. Like playing croquette or spending time in a rose garden
  • If your home and yard are not big enough to accommodate all of your guests and your planned Alice in Wonderland party games, consider hosting the party at a park, recreational center, YMCA, or an event center.
Party Invitations
  • A great idea for Alice in Wonderland birthday party invitations is to use a template of a rabbit and cut out construction paper or poster board. Use crafting velvet to decorate your invitation and give your white rabbit a nice soft coat. Write the party details on the back, using something phrased like "Follow the White Rabbit down the hole for a grand adventure!"
  • The Mad Hatter's signature hat is a good choice for an invitation to an Alice in Wonderland party. Black poster board and some creative embellishments, along with wording like "Join us for a positively mad tea party!" will help to set the tone for the birthday party. Replace the 10/6 card usually seen on his hat with a card containing the party details.
  • Stamps offer a great solution for adding character and embellishment to any styled invitation. Use some to create elegant invitations and then punch a hole on the corner, through which you can thread some string and a key. On the front of the card you can write "You are cordially invited to a Very Merry Birthday, on a very important date! Won't you make time to say hello, and don't be late?" Write the party details on the rear side of the card, along with stickers or die-cuts of the white rabbit.
  • Some other interesting Alice in Wonderland party ideas for shapes for the invitations could include a teacup, teapot, playing card decorated like a Queen of Hearts playing card, Alice's signature black hair bow, and even her blue dress with its white pinafore.
  • If you are time pressed then you can explore our collection of pre-packaged Party Invitations and send stylish invites to your guests without any hassle.
Party Games
  • Lawn croquet is a must for any Alice in Wonderland birthday party. Either use hedgehog plush toys as the balls for the game, or use stickers of hedgehogs adhered to the balls. Attach pink stuffed socks on the ends of the mallets to look like flamingos.
  • Pin the grin on the Cheshire Cat is a fun spin on the classic party game.
  • Buy a few white teacups and teapots from any craft store and have the party guests decorate them so they have a fun memento from the day's celebrations.
  • Riddles and rhymes are popular in the book series and in the movies, have the guests make up fun riddles and rhymes, with prizes for the funniest, the silliest, and the most serious.
  • A potato sack race is a lot of fun, it is a lot more fun at your Alice in Wonderland birthday party when the sacks are painted white and everyone is hopping to the finish line, like the White Rabbit who is always running late!
  • Hide some keys, golden foil covered chocolate coins, and plush white rabbits for a fun treasure hunt game that everyone can participate in.
Return Gifts
  • We have a lot of themed and non themed return gifts that can entertain your party guests long after the party ends. Some of these include blowouts, hand mirrors, and costume jewelry.
  • Lip gloss and body lotion are a fun choice that all girls will enjoy.
  • Plush white rabbits, or other characters from the movies, including Alice and the Cheshire cat, will be appreciated.
  • For younger guests, stickers and coloring books are always popular choices.
  • Some other Alice in Wonderland party ideas for return gifts could include the Alice books, DVDs of the movies, and CDs of the soundtrack.
  • Edible favors are always a hit, you can send guests home with theme cookies, like teacups and teapot cookies will be a delightful idea.
Party Food
  • Tea is a must-have for any Alice in Wonderland birthday party as everyone would love to enjoy a hot cup of  tea. Even if you aren't hosting a tea party serving a refreshing iced tea will be a good idea.
  • Use cookie cutters in the shape of letters of the alphabet to create cookies that spell out the words "Eat Me." Other great cookie shapes could include rabbits, top hats, hearts, flowers, and keys. The cookie cutters can also be used to make fun shaped sandwiches.
  • You have a lot of Alice in Wonderland party ideas for the cake. You could have a three-tiered cake baked, just like the cake enjoyed at the tea party. Alternatively, you could decorate a sheet cake showing a Teapot or cupcakes with some great Alice in Wonderland return gifts and cake toppers.
  • Cupcakes, cookies, and the main birthday cake in the shape of a mushroom is a fun tie-in with the movie, as is a Cheshire cat, or even a big birthday cake decorated like the Queen of Hearts playing card.
  • Little pastries and fruit shaped with a melon baller are just what Alice would enjoy at a tea party, even a tea party hosted by a Mad Hatter.
  • The Queen of Hearts jam tarts aren't just fun! They will be a nice and tasty addition to the party.
  • Remember to add little labels for each thing served so that guests can wholly understand the tie-in with the movie.
Party Decorations

Cover the party table with mismatched teacups, a chandelier, oversized teacups, and even some mini teacups, like those you'd find in a tea set for dolls.

  • Hide a plush mouse, or even a cat toy catnip mouse, inside one of the teapots to represent the Dormouse.
  • Some Alice in Wonderland party ideas for balloons includes a large Alice-shaped Mylar balloon at the head of the table, along with some blue and white latex balloons tied to each chair. If the theme for the party is leaning more towards the Queen of Hearts and other characters then get some balloons in colors reflective of them.
  • Some great vinyl wall clings and posters with characters and themes from the movie will help to decorate the party space. Large playing cards featuring the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat's big grin, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, a pocket watch, mushrooms, and little signs that say "eat me" and "drink" me.
  • Hang strips of clear cellophane in doorways, to represent the looking glass.
  • Create bouquets of red and white silk roses and display them around the party space.
  • Get some party decorations from our collection, that include cups, plates, napkins, table covers, banners, centerpieces, and so much more.