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Abby Cadabby Birthday Party Ideas in India

Hosting an Abby Cadabby birthday party in India is perfect for the little Sesame Street fan in your life. The sweet little Muppet fairy comes with plenty of great party ideas that will make any little girl smile on her special day. From the perfect cake to the right decorations, there are plenty of fabulous Abby Cadabby birthday party ideas to choose from.

Planning the Party
  • An Abby Cadabby party is perfect for an outdoor celebration, since the character is a fairy who loves to fly around in the great outdoors. Set up a lovely fairyland in your own backyard, or choose a public park
  • If the weather doesn't cooperate, you can turn your family room into a fairyland with the right decorations. It's perfect for a winter party or if the day dawns rainy.
  • Abby Cadabby has many friends, so include them as part of the party if you want to expand the theme or want to please some of the boys who might be attending the party.
  • No Abby Cadabby birthday party would be complete without some fun music, so pick up a CD of Sesame Street songs or download them to your mp3 player to play during the party and even use as part of the games.
Party Invitations
  • Make it easy on yourself with prepackaged Abby Cadabby invitations in India all you will have to do is fill them out and send them to your child's friends!
  • You can print off images of Abby Cadabby found online, and create your own custom cards with all of the information about your Abby Cadabby party included, to save time on filling out the invitations.
  • Take pink and purple construction paper, fold it in half, and then cut out a fairy wing shape. Decorate the outside with glitter and feathers, and fill the inside of your fairy wing invitations with all of the party details.
  • Use fairy wording in your invitations with rhymes and a whimsical tone that fits Abby Cadabby's light and fun personality.
  • Consider using an online invitation service in addition to paper invitations to allow people to RSVP and let you keep track of how many are coming easily.
Party Games
  • Abby Cadabby birthday party ideas for fun games can use classic games with a fairy twist. Play musical chairs using music from Sesame Street, and have everyone carry a magic wand!
  • Let everyone at your Abby Cadabby birthday party make their very own magic wand by providing them with all the craft supplies they need. Construction paper, Popsicle sticks and some glitter will create beautiful wands.
  • Play a fairy version of duck, duck, goose, where the child tapping heads uses a wand, and declares the person who will run with them a fairy. They can then fly around the circle in search of that empty seat.
  • Create an Abby Cadabby birthday party version of pin the tail on the donkey, only have children attempt to pin the wand into Abby's hand on a picture of her hung on the wall.
  • Hold fairy races in the yard, with all of your little fairies lined up in their wings. Make it extra fun by creating an obstacle course.
  • Hang an Abby Cadabby piñata and fill it with goodies and let the kids have fun breaking open this piñata.
Party Decorations
  • It's easy to find Abby Cadabby birthday party ideas for the party decorations with our variety of ready to use Sesame Street party décor. You can choose Abby Cadabby party supplies from banners to balloons.
  • Decorate fairy style with lots of glitter, feathers, and of course stars.
  • Use the colors pink and purple to create a fairy wonderland that fits every little girl's birthday party dreams.
  • Balloons add to the airy fairy feeling of an Abby Cadabby birthday party. Fill the room with helium-filled pink and purple balloons, and a few mylar Abby Cadabby ones as well.
  • Scatter fairy costume pieces around the room, like wands, wings, and tiaras, allowing your guests to play with them as they please; this allows them to double as both decorations and fun.
  • An Abby Cadabby piñata is another great party decoration that can double as a fun activity for your guests.
Return Gifts
  • Abby Cadabby goodie bags filled with small treats like theme cookies and Sesame Street themed items are a great favor for any Abby party.
  • Give each guest their own set of fairy wings and a magic wand for a party favor that will continue to be fun long after the celebration ends
  • Abby Cadabby coloring books and crayons are a fun return gifts that also creates fun for each child long after the party.
  • Costume jewelry and tiaras is just the thing for a little girl looking for some sparkle.
  • Don't leave the boys out, with plastic army men, dinosaurs, cars, and even blow outs and spinning tops.
Party Food

Cover the party table with mismatched teacups, a chandelier, oversized teacups, and even some mini teacups, like those you'd find in a tea set for dolls.

  • Cut all kinds of foods into magic wand stars with a star-shaped cookie cutter. You can cut sandwiches, slices of apple and melon, and of course, cookies too.
  • Serve pink lemonade, sparkling grape juice, and other fun pink and purple colored beverages to fit the theme.
  • Set up a tea party attended by all of your child's fairy friends, with a variety of finger foods such as small sandwiches, bite-sized brownies and cakes, and of course, drinks served in tea cups.
  • A picnic in the fairy-themed woods is a great choice for Abby Cadabby party food. Eat out on the lawn on blankets; simple picnic food is perfect.
  • For Abby Cadabby cake ideas, consider cupcakes with Abby Cadabby toppers, or a lovely layered cake with pink frosting, and a themed cake topper.